The Dining Room

The wallpaper in this room is reproduction but carefully matches the original. The curtains and carpets are also reproduction, but to designs of the early 19th century. The walls are decorated with framed prints by Bartolozzi and great British naval battles.

As in most rooms the furniture is a mixture. The mahogany dining suite dates from about 1810 and the sideboard, also in mahogany, is slightly earlier. The dresser was made around 1770s, but had extra decorative details added in the early 19th century – probably to make it look more impressive and modern when being sold second hand.

Some of the Georgian glassware is deep coloured, other pieces have large amounts of cut decoration, including the hobnail pattern. This was all highly fashionable in 1812. The coffee pot, tray, sugar bowl and milk jug are Sheffield plate: copper covered with a thin layer of silver. This was much cheaper than solid silver, which the Dickens family would have been unable to afford. The blue and white pottery in the dresser would have been for everyday use. Such pottery was produced in great quantities by the Staffordshire potteries in the 19th century.

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